9 Things you don’t know about Coin Master

Coin master is a casual based game developed by Moon Active. There are 2 types of people who play coin master. Those who hate for everything this game is based on and those who just got addicted to it like they did with other such games.

Anyways, if you’re somehow familiar with this game, here are 9 things you didn’t know about this game-

1)      Learn The Pure Basics – The first thing that matter the most in this game is to learn the basics like to spine and how to collect more. it play an important role that’s why must focus on it instead of skipping it.

2)      On the whole a Slot Machine – I don’t know how it was years back but this game now basically is based on a slot machine. You spin and earn coins and then spend these coins to spin again, in order you yield more coins. And yes, coins are a essential part as the name suggest “Coin Master”.

3)      It’s not New- Yes this game is not actually new. This game was developed in 2010 but somehow in last year this game attracts a lot of people after the new trailer by Moon Active.

4)      You can Play with your Friends- Why to play with strangers when you can play with your friends just by logging into your Facebook account and connect with your friends. Logging into Facebook can also help you earn a lot of rewards and coins. You can gift different stuffs to your friends and you can also raid their village.

5)      Village Building and raiding- There is feature called Building your village. Where you can use coins to make new buildings and these buildings will give you one star per building. These stars do nothing but they can help you get to the next village.

6)      Trading of Cards- Yes, you can trade while playing this game and it can help a lot more. Apart from making buildings and earning stars. You can use coins to buy chests. There are 3 different types of chests which gives different amount of cards as per its price.

7)      Pointless Rewards- This game seems really pointless as you might be wondering about the villages. What would happen when you finish upgrading a village?  You start upgrading your next village. This is really pointless.

8)      A lot of Coins and Stars- As the name suggests, coins are very easy to earn and like stars they do nothing. Everyone loves a lot of everything and it’s much more interesting when it comes to coins and stars by trying coin master hack. But in the end they do nothing.

9)      SG YouTube Ads- If you’re somewhat like me then maybe you also have came across this game while using YouTube Ad featuring Singapore’s Jianhao Tan.

Hope, this guide of coins master will help in being the top notch gamer with ease and let you progress faster. Make sure to check out all instead of skipping any of these.